Welcome to the Monte Christo/ Liber Christo Community!

The guidelines for selecting a role are as follows:
  • General Member: Anyone may register as a General Member. You will be added to our email list for our newsletter and notified of upcoming events.
  • LC Laity Team Member: This role is reserved for those who are currently on a Liber Christo Method Team. Please Supply the name of your Priest/Diocese/Team for verification in the Comment Block Below.
  • Mental Health Professional: You must be currently or have previously held a Medical/Mental Health License. All Mental Health Professionals that are currently licensed or have been previously licensed. Other Health Care workers may be allowed to register an individual basis. Please contact info#montechristo.net for further information.
  • Priests: This role is open to all Ordained Priests (not Deacons). Please supply the name of your Diocese in the Comment Block. If you are an Exorcist, please register in that Role.
  • Exorcist Priest: This role is open to all Exorcist Priests. Please supply the name of your Diocese in the Comment Block.
In order to Register as a Team Member One must be a member of a Liber Christo Team under the guidance of a Liber Christo trained Priest.
If you are registering as a Exorcist, Priest, or Laity Team Member, please enter your Diocese and for laity the Priest that leads your team.